Up Now! | Nov. 11th 2016 - Dec. 5th

We’re women. We’re artists. On the venn diagram of life, most would assume we don’t share much overlap with the world of sports. A League of their Own is an all female exhibition to celebrate our varying perspectives on athletic pursuits; be it love, satire, hate, or complete apathy. Whether we grew up playing on a team, as an avid fan, statistician, or can’t tell a soccer ball from a baseball bat nothing infiltrates pop culture and the collective consciousness more than the theme of sports. Concepts can range from activities on and off the field to anything from fashion, food, music, television and advertising. Similar to the movie of the same name A League of their Own calls a group of women to unite as a team, we join together celebrate our unique experiences, interests, and perspectives on the wide world of sports.

Join us at the Masthead Gallery in Northern Liberties for our away game opening. There will be beer, snacks, and fanfare. Artwork will be up through the end of November and for sale in the gallery.

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